Intel EtherExpress Pro Transmitter crash with 2.2.9 (Ipv6 re

Lindstrom, Gary Paul
Fri Jun 4 14:20:56 1999


> Alan Cox wrote:
> > Try the current eepro100 driver not the one in the kernel. See if that
> > helps
> it doesn't.  on my network it's particularly evil, every 15-30 seconds a 5-50
> second storm erupts, thoroughly killing the entire segment.
> ipv6 is -not- in use, only compiled in.  until i get tulip cards, my solution
> is to leave the cards in promiscuous mode.

Yeah... You should have seen what it did to my entire network!  My 
novell servers were so busy processing multicast packets, they 
stopped communicating with each other and doing their NDS sync, PCs 
appeared to hang, linux boxes started crawling and displaying 
messages about too much work on the interfaces, ... very bad 
situation for over 500 computers!

However, fixed it by putting:

options eepro100 options=0x30 congenb=1 multicast_filter_limit=3

parameters in conf.modules and rebuilding initrd.  I suppose the key 
is the multicast_filter_limit=3.  I don't really think it is ipv6 
related as I did not compile it into the kernel nor did I even make a 


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