eepro100 frame errors with SMP

System Administrator
Thu Mar 11 21:34:51 1999

i'm running the same driver, kernel 2.2.2..I get 1 overrun for about every
9300 good packets. on my other server it's like 1 for every 8200

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On Thu, 11 Mar 1999, Alan Curry wrote:

> Two different machines, each with an eepro100, are racking up frame errors,
> according to the statistics on the cisco switch they are connected to.
> Swapping cards between these and another machine, and booting many different
> kernels, leads us to believe that the problem only exists when more than one
> processor is being used. This smells like a driver bug to me.
> These errors show up as "TX overruns" from ifconfig on the Linux side and
> frame/CRC errors from `show interfaces' on the cisco side.
> We told cisco, and they're so concerned about their switch they currently
> have a team trying to reproduce the problem, but as far as we know they are
> still in the "how do we install RedHat?" stage.
> What can I do to further track down this problem?
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> Alan Curry
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