eepro100 frame errors with SMP

Alan Curry
Thu Mar 11 16:53:59 1999

Two different machines, each with an eepro100, are racking up frame errors,
according to the statistics on the cisco switch they are connected to.
Swapping cards between these and another machine, and booting many different
kernels, leads us to believe that the problem only exists when more than one
processor is being used. This smells like a driver bug to me.

These errors show up as "TX overruns" from ifconfig on the Linux side and
frame/CRC errors from `show interfaces' on the cisco side.

We told cisco, and they're so concerned about their switch they currently
have a team trying to reproduce the problem, but as far as we know they are
still in the "how do we install RedHat?" stage.

What can I do to further track down this problem?
Alan Curry