Linux kernel 2.0.35 and Intep EEPro 10+/100B/100+

Scott Stone
Mon Sep 28 01:32:10 1998

On Sat, 26 Sep 1998, Nikica Petrinic wrote:

> 5) run 'make xconfig' to include relevant drivers (SCSI and eepro)
>    (I can send you /usr/src/linux/.config if needed)
> 6) changed lilo.conf and run lilo
> 7) rebooted
> Everything worked but EEPro.
> I downloaded eepro-diag and mii-diag (following the suggestions from
> These
> could see the card but I didn't know what to do with the information
> the diags provided.
> Any ideas?

The diags that you sent indicate successful initialization of the card.
Perhaps your TCP/IP settings are incorrect, or your hub is bad, or your
cabling is bad?

> I am not sure I know what this 'netatalk' is either. I don't get anything
> if I type 'ps | grep netatalk'. Does that mean I am not running it?


ps auxwww | grep netatalk

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