Linux kernel 2.0.35 and Intep EEPro 10+/100B/100+

Scott Stone
Fri Sep 25 22:09:23 1998

On Fri, 25 Sep 1998, Nikica Petrinic wrote:

> Dear Donald,
> I would appreciate if you could help.
> We have a Dell PowerEdge 2300 with Intel Ether Express Pro 10+/100B/100+
> network card (82557 chip) which refuses to work properly with RedHat v5.1.
> When I booted from the RedHat v5.1 boot floppy in order to
> download and install RedHat it all worked well (so I thought).
> I successfully installed everything and rebooted. The network card
> didn't pick-up. I turned the machine off and on again and the
> network was there again. I checked if there was a hardware problem
> with the network card by booting DOS and using Intel's utility
> software to probe the card. It was reported OK.
> I upgraded kernel to 2.0.35 (RedHat official updates) and made sure I
> selected the right driver (make xconfig). Recompiled. Rebooted.
> No sign of life from the network card. Turned the machine off and
> on - nothing.

well, as soon as you recompiled that kernel, you stopped using Redhat's
official release.  The 'official' way is to install their kernel RPMs and
then load the eepro100 driver module.  I have a machine here with 2.0.35
and an eepro100-B card and it works - make sure you're not running
netatalk, though, since that will, after an hour or so, deactivate the
card due to too many TX timeouts.

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