Transmit timed out error?

Scott Stone
Tue Dec 15 22:58:30 1998

On Tue, 15 Dec 1998, Glenn wrote:

> I've been running afpd WITHOUT atalkd with the additional line in my
> conf.modules: options eepro100 multicast_filter_limit=3
> on 2.0.36 with eepro driver 1.05 with good results -- or rather, 
> without more than one ethernet driver hickup in the last month.  The
> machine is lightly loaded, and is on a 100 MB switched ethernet segment.

hm, with the default eepro100 driver in the 2.0.36 kernel, I can make the
TX shut down entirely inside 10 minutes with almost no load.  Maybe I
should get that 1.05 driver..

> Someone had suggested setting the filter limit to 0 and running atalkd,
> but I haven't tried that; I've been content with only running afpd over
> TCP/IP (AFP over TCP), without the Appletalk DDP even compiled into the
> kernel.  (Not running atalkd just means that server doesn't show up in
> Chooser, but can still be accessed via server IP address)

I'm not running over TCP/IP, though - maybe that makes a difference here?

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