Announce: bproc release 0.0.3 available

Erik Arjan Hendriks
Wed May 5 16:47:19 1999

I've just posted a new version of bproc at following locations:

Most of the promised functionality is the same.  It is a lot more
stable than version 0.0.2.  Here's a summary of the bigger changes:

Changes from 0.0.2 to 0.0.3

        * Added flags to kernel configuration to turn on/off bproc.

        * Added EXECMOVE method of remote process creation.  This is exec
        and then move so you can run ordinary binaries (i.e. /bin/ls)
        remotely that are not installed on the remote node.  (Still need
        all the libraries there though.)

        * Added configuration file for master daemon.  Master daemon will
        now determine node number from the IP address of the connecting
        slave.  Also, the master writes /var/run/bproc with current
        machine configuration.

        * Added the beginnings of a libbproc.  It's basically just
        wrappers around the syscalls and an interpreter for
        * Changed ksock to ksyscall.  Rewritten to be thread safe
        * Many many bugs missing.  There should be fewer oops and
	system hangs.  Especially on SMP machines.

- Erik
Erik Hendriks