Erik Arjan Hendriks
Wed May 5 13:51:10 1999

On Wed, 5 May 1999, Ian Kirk wrote:

> When trying to install i get the following:
> opal:/usr/local/src/bproc/kernel# make mods  
> /sbin/insmod -m >       ksock.o
> /sbin/insmod -m >         vma.o
> vma.o: unresolved symbol k_write_u
> vma.o: unresolved symbol k_read_all_u
> vma.o: unresolved symbol kernel_flag
> vma.o: unresolved symbol k_read_all
> vma.o: unresolved symbol k_write
> make: *** [mods] Error 1
> However k_write_u and that appear in the
> Anyone else had a similar problem ?

The only things I can think of are mod versions and / or your module
utilities.  The reason I mention mod versions is because kernel_flag
is supposed to be defined by your kernel.  It probably is.  (grep

In any case I think modversions cause more trouble than they prevent.
I suggest building without.  (That's my build environment anyway and
my Makefiles are likely wrong for an environment with modversions.)

As far as the module utilites go, I've had success w/ versions 2.1.85
and 2.1.121.

- Erik

Erik Hendriks