[Beowulf] 10G and rsync

Paul Edmon pedmon at cfa.harvard.edu
Thu Jan 2 07:48:41 PST 2020

I also highly recommend fpsync.  Here is a rudimentary guide to this: 

I can get line speed with fpsync but single rsyncs usually only get up 
to about 0.3-1 GB/s.  You really want that parallelism.  We use fpsync 
for all our large scale data movement here and Globus for external 

-Paul Edmon-

On 1/2/20 10:45 AM, Joe Landman wrote:
> On 1/2/20 10:26 AM, Michael Di Domenico wrote:
>> does anyone know or has anyone gotten rsync to push wire speed
>> transfers of big files over 10G links?  i'm trying to sync a directory
>> with several large files.  the data is coming from local disk to a
>> lustre filesystem.  i'm not using ssh in this case.  i have 10G
>> ethernet between both machines.   both end points have more then
>> enough spindles to handle 900MB/sec.
>> i'm using 'rsync -rav --progress --stats -x --inplace
>> --compress-level=0 /dir1/ /dir2/' but each file (which is 100's of
>> GB's) is getting choked at 100MB/sec
> A few thoughts
> 1) are you sure your traffic is traversing the high bandwidth link?  
> Always good to check ...
> 2) how many files are you xfering?  Are these generally large files or 
> many small files, or a distribution with a long tail towards small 
> files?  The latter two will hit your metadata system fairly hard, and 
> in the case of Lustre, performance will depend critically upon the 
> MDS/MDT architecture and implementation. FWIW, the big system I was 
> working on setting up late last year, we hit MIOP level reads/writes, 
> but then again, this was architected correctly.
> 3) wire speed xfers are generally the exception unless you are doing 
> large sequential single files.   There are tricks you can do to enable 
> this, but they are often complex.  You can use the array of 
> writers/readers, and leverage parallelism, but you risk invoking 
> congestion/pause throttling on your switch.
>> running iperf and dd between the client and the lustre hits 900MB/sec,
>> so i fully believe this is an rsync limitation.
>> googling around hasn't lent any solid advice, most of the articles are
>> people that don't check the network first...
>> with the prevalence of 10G these days, i'm surprised this hasn't come
>> up before, or my google-fu really stinks.  which doesn't bode well
>> given its the first work day of 2020 :(
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