[Beowulf] 10G and rsync

Joe Landman joe.landman at gmail.com
Thu Jan 2 07:45:36 PST 2020

On 1/2/20 10:26 AM, Michael Di Domenico wrote:
> does anyone know or has anyone gotten rsync to push wire speed
> transfers of big files over 10G links?  i'm trying to sync a directory
> with several large files.  the data is coming from local disk to a
> lustre filesystem.  i'm not using ssh in this case.  i have 10G
> ethernet between both machines.   both end points have more then
> enough spindles to handle 900MB/sec.
> i'm using 'rsync -rav --progress --stats -x --inplace
> --compress-level=0 /dir1/ /dir2/' but each file (which is 100's of
> GB's) is getting choked at 100MB/sec

A few thoughts

1) are you sure your traffic is traversing the high bandwidth link?  
Always good to check ...

2) how many files are you xfering?  Are these generally large files or 
many small files, or a distribution with a long tail towards small 
files?  The latter two will hit your metadata system fairly hard, and in 
the case of Lustre, performance will depend critically upon the MDS/MDT 
architecture and implementation. FWIW, the big system I was working on 
setting up late last year, we hit MIOP level reads/writes, but then 
again, this was architected correctly.

3) wire speed xfers are generally the exception unless you are doing 
large sequential single files.   There are tricks you can do to enable 
this, but they are often complex.  You can use the array of 
writers/readers, and leverage parallelism, but you risk invoking 
congestion/pause throttling on your switch.

> running iperf and dd between the client and the lustre hits 900MB/sec,
> so i fully believe this is an rsync limitation.
> googling around hasn't lent any solid advice, most of the articles are
> people that don't check the network first...
> with the prevalence of 10G these days, i'm surprised this hasn't come
> up before, or my google-fu really stinks.  which doesn't bode well
> given its the first work day of 2020 :(
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