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Hpcg is a memory benchmark, you should be sure to have good bindings for
maximum memory throughput.


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> Beowulfers,
> Do any of you have any experience using HPCG as a benchmark. I'm trying
> to compare the performance of several different processors for an
> upcoming purchase. I've already run LINPACK, and now I'd like to run
> HPCG. It seems the only tuning parameter is the size of the local grid
> in the x,y,z dimensions.
> While the guidelines say to increase the gridsize until the job consumes
> 1/4 or more of RAM, my testing has shown that as the gridsize goes up,
> so does the performance,  and it keeps going up for me until I consume
> all the memory and the job gets killed by Slurm for exceeding memory
> requirements.
> I've been doing a lot of Google searching for how to tune HPCG for
> maximum results, and there are some papers for tuning HPCG for large
> supercomputers. In these cases, they use x,y,z dimensions that are not
> necessarily equal, but I don't understand how they determined to use
> these unique values for x,y,z.
> When I compare my HPL results to my HPCG results, I'm getting HPCG
> results that are 0.3 - 0.5% of HPL. On the HPCG Top500 list, most
> systems are getting 2-3% of HPL, so I'm off by an order of magnitude.
> --
> Prentice
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