[Beowulf] ganglia on CentOS 8?

David Mathog mathog at caltech.edu
Wed Apr 1 12:03:14 PDT 2020

I forgot to mention that on CentOS 8 the gmond from ganglia 3.7.2-31 does 
share gexec status, CPU, load, etc. with the Ubuntu gmond, but 3.7.2-24 
does not.  For the older version there is a line for the CentOS 8 host in 
a gstat query of the Ubuntu server, but all the values were 0 and gexec 
status was "OFF" even though it was configured "ON".  Even though that 
most recent gmond version shares information with the other gmond on 
Ubuntu it still will not report that information to any gstat.

There are packages for "zabbix" and "nagios" available, but not "icinga". 
Presumably those work. They are both massive overkill as I only use 
gmond and gstat in ganglia.  Which of those two other monitoring systems
is simplest/lightest?  At first glance, they both look a lot more complicated
than ganglia.


David Mathog
mathog at caltech.edu

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