[Beowulf] Disk less machines booted with static address fails on expired dhcp lease

Tony Brian Albers tba at kb.dk
Tue Oct 22 00:00:58 PDT 2019

On Tue, 2019-10-22 at 08:39 +0200, tegner at renget.se wrote:
> Hi,
> have been using disk less machines extensively, and just recently
> experienced a problem connected to the dhcp lease time.
> Initial contact is over dhcp (tied to mac address), but once the
> machines boot over the nfs exported root file system static ip is
> used (with the same address as initially used by dhcp).
> This strategy has previously worked without any issues, but recently,
> when setting up a small experimental environment using older Dell
> desktop machines I have noted that these machines fail when the lease
> time for the dhcp server expires.
> This ONLY happens on the desktop machines - the server grade machines
> I have used this far are not affected.
> By putting infinite lease time in dhcpd.conf the problem goes away -
> but I still would like to understand why this happens on just some of
> the machines.
> Regards,
> /jon
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Hejsan Tegner,

It could be something as stupid as BIOS power management shutting down
the NIC to save electricity. 
But then again, it could be a hardware profile in the OS that doesn't
let you keep using the static IP from the root FS.

Nothing in the logs?


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