[Beowulf] Disk less machines booted with static address fails on expired dhcp lease

tegner at renget.se tegner at renget.se
Mon Oct 21 23:39:30 PDT 2019


have been using disk less machines extensively, and just recently experienced a problem connected to the dhcp lease time.

Initial contact is over dhcp (tied to mac address), but once the machines boot over the nfs exported root file system static ip is used (with the same address as initially used by dhcp).

This strategy has previously worked without any issues, but recently, when setting up a small experimental environment using older Dell desktop machines I have noted that these machines fail when the lease time for the dhcp server expires.

This ONLY happens on the desktop machines - the server grade machines I have used this far are not affected.

By putting infinite lease time in dhcpd.conf the problem goes away - but I still would like to understand why this happens on just some of the machines.


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