[Beowulf] [External] 40kw racks?

Prentice Bisbal pbisbal at pppl.gov
Mon Oct 21 10:18:13 PDT 2019

I've never gone up to 40 KW exactly, but I've configured racks with dual 
PDUs that took 3-phase, 60 AMP service and used IEC 60309 connectors. In 
this arrangement, each PDU can deliver 17.4 KW (might be KVA, actually), 
for just about 35 KW in a single rack.  I used APC PDUs, but I can't 
remember the exact model. It was either the AP8867 or the AP8866. To get 
to 40 KW, you'd need to add a 3rd PDU or go


It's my understanding that water-cooled rear door heat exchangers max 
out at about 35 KW of cooling, so you might want to talk to the 
different RDHx  manufacturers to verify their limits before getting too 
far into your design, if you haven't done so already. Coolcentric claims 
their ultra-density doors can handle up to 40 KW.

Everything I've read has said that 35 KW is about the limits for 
air-cooling a rack (Rear door heat exchanger still count as air-cooling, 
since it's air that cooling the computer components), and beyond that 
you should start looking at direct contact liquid cooling, like products 
from Asetek or CoolIT systems.

That's my 2 cents.


On 10/21/19 11:50 AM, Michael Di Domenico wrote:
> Has anyone on the list built 40kw racks?  I'm particularly interested
> in what parts you used, rack, pdu, rear door hx, etc.
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