[Beowulf] lsf job packing on lsf8? Any old-school lsf8 guru's here?

Robert Taylor rgt at wi.mit.edu
Fri Mar 15 11:43:21 PDT 2019

Hi All. We are on a old version of LSF where I am, lsf8.
We are trying to implement job packing on a particular queue, and I find
some references online to using

RES_REQ = order[-slots]

in the lsb.queues file, and
SCHED_PER_JOB_SORT=Y in lsb.params

However, this doesn't work, as they appear to only be supported on newer
versions of lsf.
Can any lsf old-schoolers out there give me some recommendations on how to
accomplish this?
They would like nodes to fill up with jobs before spreading them across
more nodes, to leave more possible nodes free for high core count or
exclusive jobs.


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