[Beowulf] Fortran is Awesome

Matt Hurd matthurd at acm.org
Thu Nov 29 07:38:20 PST 2018

Fortran assumes no aliasing. C/C++ assumes possible aliasing.
Makes a world of difference when optimising. C++ can catch up with Fortran
with extensive template trickery which was first widely demonstrated with
Blitz++ which benchmarked relative to Fortran.

On Fri, 30 Nov 2018 at 02:22, Stu Midgley <sdm900 at gmail.com> wrote:

>> But yeah, C can do anything Fortran can do, and then some.  People do
>> not write operating systems in Fortran for a reason.
> I've written a fortran-like scripting language (and the bones of a basic
> compiler) in Fortran...  everything you can do in C you can do in Fortran.
> People often use the lack of pointers as a reason to NOT use Fortran,
> which is rubbish.  Just allocate the whole address space and go to town
> with your own pointers.  Which... if you really think about it is all that
> C does.  In theory the concept of a SIGSEG is only an OS limitation on C.
> You "can" in theory just allocate any address you want without allocation
> and pre-allocation.
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