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 From my experience, CS professors like to teach in Java because it's a 
"pure" object-oriented programming language, unlike C++ which is just C 
with object-oriented extensions,and still allows you to use C syntax.


On 12/3/18 8:25 PM, Lux, Jim (337K) wrote:

> My daughter took the CS101 class at her liberal arts college and it 
> was Java.
> Maybe that’s because it’s an employable skill – An enormous amount of 
> day to day business software development is in Java.
> As an Art History major, it’s not like she needs multidimensional 
> arrays.  Good, bombproof string manipulation for her Latin 
> grammar/translator project was more useful.   So Fortran and C are not 
> big winners in that application development space. Java, Python, Basic 
> would all have served adequately.
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> indeed... and then Java...  what were people thinking?
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>     Fortran was the second programming language I learned, behind
>     BASIC. I took Fortran classes in high school, and then was
>     required to take Intro to Fortran for Engineers class freshman
>     year of college. As a result, I took multi-dimensional arrays for
>     granted. Years later, I tried created a multi-dimensional array in
>     C. What the hell, C?
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