[Beowulf] Fortran is Awesome

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My daughter took the CS101 class at her liberal arts college and it was Java.

Maybe that’s because it’s an employable skill – An enormous amount of day to day business software development is in Java.

As an Art History major, it’s not like she needs multidimensional arrays.  Good, bombproof string manipulation for her Latin grammar/translator project was more useful.   So Fortran and C are not big winners in that application development space. Java, Python, Basic would all have served adequately.

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indeed... and then Java...  what were people thinking?
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Fortran was the second programming language I learned, behind BASIC. I took Fortran classes in high school, and then was required to take Intro to Fortran for Engineers class freshman year of college. As a result, I took multi-dimensional arrays for granted. Years later, I tried created a multi-dimensional array in C. What the hell, C?

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