[Beowulf] What is rdma, ofed, verbs, psm etc?

Jon Tegner tegner at renget.se
Wed Sep 20 22:02:58 PDT 2017

What about RoCE? Is this something that is commonly used (I would guess 
no since I have not found much)? Are there other protocols that are 
worth considering (like "gamma" which doesn't seem to be developed anymore)?

My impression is that with RoCE you have to use specialized hardware 
(unlike gamma - where one could use standard hardware, and still get a 
noticeable improvement in latency)?



On 09/21/2017 04:09 AM, Christopher Samuel wrote:
>> Thanks Peter for the high level overview! A few followup questions. What
>> if I am using a non-Infiniband cluster, i.e something with 10gigE.  Or
>> even slower like at my home I have a raspbery pi cluster with 100 Mbps
>> ethernet. Is ofed/psm/verbs all irrelevant?
> Pretty much, yes, unless you've got fancy switches that can do RoCE.

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