[Beowulf] Timeout on eth0 when booting disk less

Jon tegner at renget.se
Mon Mar 13 23:55:34 PDT 2017

Yes, should've mentioned that we are running CentOS-7. However, as a first test I ran the setup on virtual machines (without any issues). This led me to believe the problem I see is at least partly connected to the switch.

Also, the problem persists even if I only boot a single node.


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> 13 mars 2017 kl. 21:15 skrev mathog <mathog at caltech.edu>:
> On 12-Mar-2017 12:00, Jon Tegner <tegner at renget.se> wrote
>> This could possibly be a problem with the switch, but one remedy would
>> seem to be to extend the time before the timeout kicks in (it seems to
>> be a few seconds at the moment). Any hints on how to achieve this?
> That would depend on what you are booting.  I suggest you ask in the forum for the particular OS variant you are using.  (Or at least tell us what it is!)
> Have a look at this
>  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DisklessUbuntuHowto
> especially the "gotchas" section and see if anything applies.  My best guess is that the NFS mount is taking too long to complete.  It doesn't sound like a switch issue if there is no problem with the PXE or tftp parts.
> Are you booting a bunch of nodes at once or one at a time, staggered?  All at once could bog down the head node so much that some compute nodes time out.
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