[Beowulf] Suggestions to what DFS to use

Benson Muite benson.muite at ut.ee
Mon Feb 13 00:36:55 PST 2017


Do you have any performance requirements?


On 02/13/2017 09:55 AM, Tony Brian Albers wrote:
> Hi guys,
> So, we're running a small(as in a small number of nodes(10), not
> storage(170TB)) hadoop cluster here. Right now we're on IBM Spectrum
> Scale(GPFS) which works fine and has POSIX support. On top of GPFS we
> have a GPFS transparency connector so that HDFS uses GPFS.
> Now, if I'd like to replace GPFS with something else, what should I use?
> It needs to be a fault-tolerant DFS, with POSIX support(so that users
> can move data to and from it with standard tools).
> I've looked at MooseFS which seems to be able to do the trick, but are
> there any others that might do?

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