[Beowulf] pthreads

Michael Di Domenico mdidomenico4 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 24 05:20:09 PDT 2017

does anyone know of an hpl like benchmark, but not mpi based, i need
it to be pthreads based.

i'm seeing an issue where a user is running a pthreads program that
uses a large amount of memory and many threads.  the code is okay, but
when it runs it's almost as if linux is confining the job to the first
numa node rather then all the numa nodes.  the oddity is that running
a taskset -c on the program does correct the issue.

i suspect numad (which i'm running) is doing something wacky, but i
have yet to prove it.  the user code takes a long time to run, so i
was hoping i could find something else to reproduce the issue.  sadly
most all the benchmarks i have are mpi based.

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