[Beowulf] How to know if infiniband network works?

Joe Landman joe.landman at gmail.com
Wed Aug 2 11:37:00 PDT 2017

On 08/02/2017 01:50 PM, Faraz Hussain wrote:
> Thanks Joe. Here is the output from the commands you suggested. We 
> have open mpi built from Intel mpi compiler. Is there some benchmark 
> code I can compile so that we are all comparing the same code?
> [hussaif1 at lustwzb4 test]$ ibv_devinfo
> hca_id: mlx4_0
>         transport:                      InfiniBand (0)
>         fw_ver:                         2.11.550
>         node_guid:                      f452:1403:0016:3b70
>         sys_image_guid:                 f452:1403:0016:3b73
>         vendor_id:                      0x02c9
>         vendor_part_id:                 4099
>         hw_ver:                         0x0
>         board_id:                       DEL0A40000028
>         phys_port_cnt:                  2
>                 port:   1
>                         state:                  PORT_ACTIVE (4)

Port 1 on the machine is up.  This is the link level activity that the 
subnet manager (OpenSM or a switch level version) enables.

For OpenMPI, my recollection is that they expect the IB ports to have 
ethernet addresses as well (and will switch to RDMA after initialization).

What does

     ifconfig -a


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