[Beowulf] OpenFOAM and GPUs?

Fabricio Cannini fcannini at gmail.com
Mon Apr 3 07:47:48 PDT 2017

Em 02-04-2017 21:18, Christopher Samuel escreveu:
> On 31/03/17 02:37, Fabricio Cannini wrote:
>> I've installed foam-extend on a client's cluster a few months ago.
>> It claims to use cuda but I don't know the extent of said usage.
> Thanks Fabricio, that's one I'd missed.

You're welcome.

> The documentation for it seems, umm, remarkably absent from their sourceforge site but it's at least an
> extra option to investigate. ;-)

Yeah, it seems that openfoamwiki.net is *the* place to document all 
things openfoam et caterva.

[ ]'s

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