[Beowulf] Underwater data centers -- the future?

Mark Hahn hahn at mcmaster.ca
Sun Sep 11 22:30:09 PDT 2016

> The idea is that you circumvent the cooling problem altogether by dumping 
> data centers in the ocean.  I'm curious if anybody has crunched the numbers 
> on this idea to see if it makes sense, just from a cooling perspective.

water is great for cooling, but I would be worried about how to 
maintain performance and integrity while coming in contact 
with a lot of mineral and bio-laden water.  anti-fouling is a 
major topic with boats, and they're not usually trying to maintain
a heat flux...

it looked like the msft thing was exchanging heat across its surface
(no other flow).  to be interesting, it would need to dissipate ~20 kW,
which if I did the math right would be a pretty modest .472 l/s.
(assuming 10C rise in water temp).  that sounds like it would be doable
with passive convection.

maybe warming the water could be useful in some way - shrimp farm?

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