[Beowulf] Regression testing vendor installed MPI

Christopher Samuel samuel at unimelb.edu.au
Wed May 18 21:07:45 PDT 2016

On 18/05/16 10:06, Christopher Samuel wrote:

> An alternative could be a community project to write tests for MTT which
> are explicitly open.

Josh Hursey on the Open-MPI development list just posted this RFC about
having a public repository of MTT MPI tests:


He proposes:

# We will seed the repo with a 'misc' test suite. This test suite
# is meant to collect all of the miscellaneous tests created by
# Open MPI developers including those regression tests that emerge
# as part of Issues or MPI Forum discussions, for example. It will
# contain the unit tests currently in the Open MPI's examples
# directory - what we have been calling the 'trivial' test suite.
# I was thinking about breaking it down into roughly MPI Standard
# chapters.

So this might well come to something.

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