[Beowulf] bring back 2012?

Elken, Tom tom.elken at intel.com
Tue Aug 16 08:49:31 PDT 2016

You didn’t say on what basis you chose those two results, comparing a 4-socket, 64-core 2012 result to a 2-socket, 20-core 2016 result.

Here’s a 4-socket 2016 result that looks like > 2x progress since the 2012 result:
This _would_ be an expensive system.

There are a lot of 2-socket results that are a ~50% improvement over the 4-socket 2012 base result you pointed to, e.g.:

But I’m glad you have thousands of Phi’s too.


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Its like no progress has been made.  So glad that we have thousands of Phi's...

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