[Beowulf] Setting Semaphore Values

Kevin Van Workum vanw+beowulf at sabalcore.com
Wed May 20 06:42:52 PDT 2015

A commercial software vendor (ansys) has recommended the following values
for the kernel semaphore settings for their application:

· SEMMSL (maximum number of semaphores per semaphore set) = 256

· SEMMNS (system-wide limit on the number of semaphores in all semaphore
sets) = 40000

· SEMOPM (maximum number of operations that may be specified in a semop()
call) = 32

· SEMMNI (system-wide limit on the number of semaphore identifiers) = 32000

Does this make sense? Specifically the SEMMNI value is MUCH larger than
SEMMNS/SEMMSL. Is there any use to that?

Kevin Van Workum, PhD
Sabalcore Computing Inc.


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