[Beowulf] Haswell as supercomputer microprocessors

Prentice Bisbal prentice.bisbal at rutgers.edu
Tue Aug 4 07:52:00 PDT 2015

Seriously? Why does IBM have to make everything so difficult? Take GPFS. 
It was originally called MMFS for Multimedia filesystem, then GPFS for 
General Parallel Filesystem. A couple of years ago they decided to  
market it as a hardware/software solution called GPFS Storage Server, or 
GSS. Apparently, that didn't have enough buzzwordiness to it, so they 
changed it to ESS, for Elastic Storage Server. As if that wasn't enough, 
then they had to confuse their current and future customers by changing 
the name yet again to Spectra-scale. And yes, I am annoyed by all this!

What's really ironic is that IBM is one of the leaders brand 
management/corporate identity, so you'd think they'd see the value in 
sticking with a name.

Rant over.


On 08/04/2015 06:38 AM, Mikhail Kuzminsky wrote:
> By my opinion, PowerPC A2 more exactly should be used as name for 
> *core*, not for IBM  BlueGene/Q *processor chip*.
> "Power BQC" name is used in TOP500, GREEN500, in a lot of Internet 
> data, in IBM journal - see:
> Sugavanam K. et al. Design for low power and power management in IBM 
> Blue Gene/Q //IBM Journal of Research and
> Development. – 2013. –v. 57. – №. 1/2. – p. 3: 1-3: 11.
> PowerPC A2 is the core, see //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Gene
> //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PowerPC A2
> Mikhail
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