[Beowulf] Haswell as supercomputer microprocessors

Mikhail Kuzminsky mikky_m at mail.ru
Tue Aug 4 03:38:48 PDT 2015

 By my opinion, PowerPC A2 more exactly should be used as name for *core*, not for IBM  BlueGene/Q *processor chip*.
"Power BQC" name is used in TOP500, GREEN500, in a lot of Internet data, in IBM journal - see:

Sugavanam K. et al. Design for low power and power management in IBM Blue Gene/Q //IBM Journal of Research and 
Development. – 2013. –v. 57. – №. 1/2. – p. 3: 1-3: 11.

PowerPC A2 is the core, see //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Gene
                                                     //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PowerPC A2


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