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Douglas Eadline deadline at eadline.org
Tue May 13 06:39:17 PDT 2014

> Young pretenders to FORTRAN's throne.
> http://arstechnica.com/science/2014/05/scientific-computings-future-can-any-coding-language-top-a-1950s-behemoth/?kw=100k_pvs&search=100k_pvs

Somewhat myopic view of the "possibilities." A pretty good
description of the languages it covers (Fortran, Haskell,
Clojure, and Julia) Really misses on C/C++ and some other
things like OpenMP, MPI to name a few. I like Julia BTW,
seems to be the right mix or pragmatism and performance.

I also find this reoccurring notion that HPC needs to run out
and replace Fortran with something else kind of silly.
Fortran is doing just fine, thank you. And if you
can make a case or have a requirement for some other
language, then use what works for your requirements.

When young programmers make snide remarks about
Fortran and rewriting codes in modern languages,
I ask them if they also considered replacing
the old copper plumbing in their house (or parents house)
because there are modern products like Pex. I don't
even wait for an answer. I just tell them to get off
my lawn.


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