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Thu Jun 12 22:07:40 PDT 2014

the 100 MHz FSB.  The increase that you would see from 800 MHz to 866 or
933 MHz would be marginal, but so is the cost.  Get the what you can
with the money you have (after other expenses.

> * Can any ECC SDRAM fit in  370DLE mobo?.  I do remember that someone
> mentioned that  high quality memory chips should be used. For 370DLE, what
> can be the best choice of memory chips?. Any brand?

You should see the required (and recommended) memory listing that
Supermicro has.

> Network
> Since the cluster size is small, we will  afford  gigabit networking.
> 3Com Superstack 3 Switch 4900 (12-port) (on copper wire) (it is one of the
> cheapest gigabit switch which is around $5000; is there any other
> alternative around this price?)
> 3Com Gigabit NICs (is there another brand which is more cost-effective?.)

I'm not an expert on any of these, all I can say is don't skimp on the
network.  Many clusters are built around the network (like ours) since
many applications are very bandwidth/latency sensitive.  Try talking to
network tech support and seeing what motherboards, etc. they recommend. 
I doubt they'll have any problems with the 370DLE, but it's best to
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