[Beowulf] Register article on AMD OCP motherboards

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Subject: [Beowulf] Register article on AMD OCP motherboards

Recent discussion on small clusters with PC-104, mini-ITX and Pi boards has brought the list closer to its roots.

Maybe big systems are headed the same way (I know we have discussed this before).

I guess the financial market is driving the design as they, well, buy a lot of them!

The other thought that has come into my head is that as the domestic market for PCs dries up – being taken by the tablet market
With integrated cloud services then the Beowulf idea of building systems from tower PCs will be untenable in the future (*)
but we will be using the highest capacity commodity systems – which are likely to be something like these cloud/virtualisation platforms.
Sorry if this thought is a bit muddled.

(*) Yes I KNOW we don’t use tower systems any more – I’m just trying to say that the definition of COTS will change


But those clouds are made up of fairly vanilla systems, which can be used in Beowulfs. So while the consumer market may be tabletized, there's still a huge market for PCs to fill the datacenters that comprise the cloud.  (unless we go back to maxicomputers with many VM instances, simulating a bunch of PC scale boxes.. There you go, VM on big iron lives again…)

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