[Beowulf] Microsofts trick - was AMD reveals potent parallel processing breakthrough

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Also, sales of all consoles are down. The new Wii has hardly made a blip in the market. Some speculate that the era of consoles is past given how many people game on their phones and tablets.

The death of the console has been a nearly constant prediction for the last 15-20 years.  I heard it back when OpenGL Doom came out, and various folks predicted that packaged software would be the end of consoles as we know it.

Hence I tend to be skeptical on this possibility, though I have to say, I am seeing many more people playing games on their pads and phones.  I think the consoles will adapt, and you'll see the phones become controllers to hook into consoles.

Tangential to this, I've got lots of apps for my iPhone/iPad that interact with my Roku.  Something tells me that using the phones/pads as interfaces to the games is coming soon if its not here now.  I don't expect to see all out replacement, more like coopetition.


This ^^^     tablet/smartphone as user interface.    I already fly my quadcopter with an ipad or iphone. I'd love to have an integrated system with just ONE device to control it. I'm not sure quite how the UI for something like Call of Duty or Skyrim would work with a pad, but they'd figure something out making use of the accelerometers and rotation sensors.  The Wii with nunchuk is a pretty interesting interface, and it was easy to learn. Wii controller and the thing you stand on was very clever for games like downhill slalom skiiing and so forth.

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