[Beowulf] Parallella shipping cluster kits now

Eugen Leitl eugen at leitl.org
Tue Jul 23 01:27:03 PDT 2013



Parallella Cluster Kit (October Delivery)


The Parallella Cluster Kit includes four Parallella-16 boards and the accessories needed to set up a high performance cluster in no time!


Four Parallella-16 boards (XC7Z010 version with backside expansion connectors "PEC")
4 Pre-loaded 16GB SD Cards (Ubuntu 12.04)
4 board-to-board flexible Epiphany link connector cables (up to 10Gb/s total bandwidth per cable)
20 metal standoff legs
110-240V Power adapter
Support: Developer support is available only through the community oriented forum at forums.parallella.org.


Unless otherwise specified, the Parallella-16 board ships bare without a 5V power supply or SD card. (These must be purchased separately.)
The product photos shown in this offering are of the "gen-0" version of the Parallella boards. The board now being offered for sale is the improved "gen-1" board. For a complete explanation of the minor changes made between gen-0 and gen-1, please refer to the latest Parallella board specification.
By pre-ordering the Parallella Cluster Kit you are receiving a discount in thanks for your early support. Your card will be charged once you finish the checkout process. You can cancel your order any time prior to shipment. Orders will be fulfilled on a first come, first serve basis close to the estimated shipping date
As specified in the Parallella reference manuals, the Parallella board is sold as a development board to be used only by qualified individual.

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