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Jonathan Dursi ljdursi at scinet.utoronto.ca
Mon Jul 22 09:30:10 PDT 2013

Coolant wanter can get pretty nasty.  We back-of-enveloped using warm water from our water-cooled systems via a heat exchanger to malt barley for beer some years ago, but the output water was too cool to be of use.  On the other hand, people are growing much more comfortable with using much warmer water to cool their systems than we had imagined at the time, so maybe it would be worth revisiting?

	- Jonathan

On 2013-07-22, at 12:23PM, Peter St. John <peter.st.john at gmail.com> wrote:

> I think we talked a bit about using beer as coolant, and plainly that's silly, but it occurs to me that yeast likes warm water; so the (Canadian Spring) water you can use as coolant for your clster, can go to the vat with the yeast, and you are making efficient use of secondary heat recovery.

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