[Beowulf] SC13: the Limulus boxen appear ...

Douglas Eadline deadline at eadline.org
Mon Dec 2 13:05:12 PST 2013

Thanks Joe,

BTW, after getting our software stack to run on Haswell,
I managed to get 385 GFLOPS (HPL, double precision, CPU only)
on the entry level Limulus. That is approximately $15.6/GFLOP
More information:

I'll be publishing more HPC benchmarks as I run them.
And, I'll have more Hadoop benchmarks as well.


> [Disclosure:  we do have a business relationship with Basement
> Supercomputing. ]
> I have to say, that one of the most popular aspects of the show for us,
> was the Limulus system that Doug Eadline had set up in our booth.  This
> is a terrific system.
> I really like the concept of a personal supercomputer, one where, as
> Doug puts it, you own the reset switch.  We tried, and did not succeed,
> in building interest in "muscular desktops" with huge amounts of
> processors, IO, and graphics.  It cost way to much to build these.
> Doug comes along and in very beowulf-ish fashion, says "hey, lets build
> a very low electrical power many core distributed system from lower cost
> parts".  It took a few years from project inception, but the concept is
> sound.  Far more sound than the "muscular desktop" strategy.
> He ran hadoop on it, and was showing off running the overall system.  I
> think the configs for hadoop might be slightly different than whats on
> the product page:
> http://www.basement-supercomputing.com/index.php/products/hikashop-menu-for-products-listing
> , but its similar enough that you can get the concept.
> I was simply blown away by this.  The response came anywhere from "thats
> exactly what we need" to "this is very cool" with everything in between.
>   They are awesome boxes, and it looks like it could fill a very nice
> niche for a number of folks.
> If you've not checked out the Limulus project in the past
> (http://limulus.basement-supercomputing.com/ and twtr @LimulusProject) ,
> definitely have a look at it.  Returning to our core value proposition,
> of power at lower cost, with creative designs, is deeply gratifying to
> me.  Have a gander at the benchmark page:
> http://limulus.basement-supercomputing.com/wiki/LimulusBenchmarks
> It needs to be emphasized that this is not a toy system.  You can do
> real work on it, and its trivial to setup and get going.
> Bravo to Doug!
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