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They are in my home town...I have had some correspondence with them and they
just seem focused on moving boxes.  They appear not to have anyone on staff
who understands the requirements of HPC, and who they do have, seem to like
to throw out 'buzz' words.  Cannot verify if they have even put them
together in a Beowulf configuration....communication and storage at an HPC
level, may be something they look at in the future...just my opinion of

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Have any of you seen these computers from Xi3 yet? I've been getting e-mails
from them for some time now. I'm assuming they got my e-mail address from
SC12. Anyway, instead of just blindly deleting the one I received yesterday,
I decided to actually check out their products. 
They're tiny, energy efficient computers in sexy packaging.


They have an X7A model that's supposed to be as powerful as a full-size
desktop (it's being marketed to gamers), but be extremely energy efficient.
If you could put enough of them together, you could possibly create a
relatively dense, energy efficient cluster. They must have the same idea in
mind already, because they are working on the Xi3 Datacent3r, a small mobile
'datacenter', which you can see at the bottom of this news article on their


Granted, that's only with 1 GbE ethernet, but with their modular design,
they could easily provide a 10GbE module or even a IB module.

Thoughts? Discussion?


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