[Beowulf] Xi3 computers

Prentice Bisbal prentice.bisbal at rutgers.edu
Wed Apr 24 06:47:27 PDT 2013


Have any of you seen these computers from Xi3 yet? I've been getting 
e-mails from them for some time now. I'm assuming they got my e-mail 
address from SC12. Anyway, instead of just blindly deleting the one I 
received yesterday, I decided to actually check out their products. 
They're tiny, energy efficient computers in sexy packaging.


They have an X7A model that's supposed to be as powerful as a full-size 
desktop (it's being marketed to gamers), but be extremely energy 
efficient. If you could put enough of them together, you could possibly 
create a relatively dense, energy efficient cluster. They must have the 
same idea in mind already, because they are working on the Xi3 
Datacent3r, a small mobile 'datacenter', which you can see at the bottom 
of this news article on their website.


Granted, that's only with 1 GbE ethernet, but with their modular design, 
they could easily provide a 10GbE module or even a IB module.

Thoughts? Discussion?


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