[Beowulf] Electricity cost: a critical survival issue of our ICT infrastructures.

Vincent Diepeveen diep at xs4all.nl
Thu Apr 11 11:54:25 PDT 2013

On Apr 11, 2013, at 8:08 PM, Hearns, John wrote:

>> Right now it's moving money directly from EU to China which produces
>> windmills and solar panels, of course at a price no one here can
>> compete with.
> Really?  http://www.vestas.com/
> Btu we are moving well off topic here.

Yes of course. As said earlier the energy companies for a few years  
now (recently) must pay the energy market when having windmills.
So the earnings versus costs is never going to make a profit anymore.

In short contracts with governments are there prior to building the  
park that the energy company may additionally charge their customers,  
to give 1 example here,
4.4 billion euro over a period of X time spreaded.

That's 1 small windmill park.

Now each time such park is going to get constructed, the burocrats  
find new ways to build a contract what has to happen.

Of course then the energy companies then take a look where they can  
buy them cheapest. Which is China obviously.

So the Danish government threw away a lot of money investing into  
windmill energy there. The vestas company you link to seems to keep  
alive by governments
throwing away those billions of euro's.

It doesn't burn up a ton of coal less building those things and from  
head i say life expectancy of the windmills is 10-15 years  
garantueed, which is not very serious number
of years from energy viewpoint seen.

Just to get the contracts ok and start building usually eats a year  
or 10 already... ..you build energy  centrals for a lifetime of  
course, not for 10 years.

In short that's not serious to produce electricity just like one  
doesn't use up much oil to produce electricity.

By donating those 4.4 billion to the windmill lobby of course, just  
for 1 small park, they created a powerful industry from money  
viewpoint seen with lots of lobbying power.

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