[Beowulf] Roadrunner shutdown

Max R. Dechantsreiter max at performancejones.com
Fri Apr 5 09:08:09 PDT 2013


> Just back of the enveloping here..
> Let's say a "node" costs about $3k plus about $1500 in operating costs
> over 3 years. Make it a round $5000 all told. A developer costs about
> $250-300k, fully burdened for a year. So I can make the choice.. Buy
> another 150 nodes or pay for the developer to make the processing more
> efficient.  Of course, if I buy the nodes, I get the faster computation
> today. If I buy the developer, I have to wait some time for my faster
> solution.

But if instead you were to hire a benchmarker, then you
could achieve substantial gains in a matter or weeks or
even less.

There are those of us who specialize in optimization....

I have to wonder whether Roadrunner would have been more
successful had key application codes been ported better.



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