[Beowulf] Roadrunner shutdown

Hearns, John john.hearns at mclaren.com
Fri Apr 5 10:07:36 PDT 2013

> I would think that the problem is more that you can easily stamp out
> another 1000 processors than another 10 software developers.  HPC
> developers are the scarce commodity, and just throwing money at it doesn't
> solve the problem.

Brother Jim, as a card-carrying member of the Union of HPC Wranglers and the Confraternity of Supercomputer Mavens,
as a comrade I ask you not to make statements like this.

Indeed, I shall be reporting you to the JPL chapter of said Union.

Any further talk of NOT throwing money at HPC experts is not to be tolerated.
Indeed, I can cope with oodles of money being thrown at me and I can solve lots of problems!

Seriously though - if skills like ours are that rare, and can save lots of computer resources,
why in a capitalist (running dog) society are we not being rewarded with millions of $$$ ??

Brother John Hearns
Shop Steward, Union of HPC Wranglers
Motto - "One CPU out, All CPUs out"

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