[Beowulf] RFC: Restrict posting to subscribers only ?

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Fri Aug 24 06:39:48 PDT 2012

On 08/24/2012 09:32 AM, Lux, Jim (337C) wrote:
> I'm one of the moderators on the (moderated) Tesla Coil Mailing List,
> using Mailman, and Chip Atkinson (list owner) has set up something that
> silently discards a lot of the spam.  I'd say we get maybe <10% posts from
> non-subscribers coming through along with the rest of the traffic.  Of
> that 10% maybe half or a third is something not worthy of response.  The
> rest of the non-subscriber posts, we just bounce with a nice message
> saying "please subscribe, and your post will go through".

FWIW, I did offer to set up spam filtering for this.  Need to know how 
they process their mail, and we can set up an annotation pipeline 
(complete with Bayesian, heuristic, and other filters).  At the end of 
the process, we have a pretty good score and cutoff for spam vs 
not-spam.  We use that for our filtering.  Since we get a couple 
thousand emails running through the filters a day, we get maybe 3-4 
false positives, and a few false negatives that we correct by hand 
(training the Bayesian network).

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