[Beowulf] RFC: Restrict posting to subscribers only ?

Christopher Samuel samuel at unimelb.edu.au
Fri Aug 24 05:55:18 PDT 2012

On 08/24/2012 10:11 PM, Jörg Saßmannshausen wrote:

> Hi all,


> I am one of the many who cannot post to the list despite being a member of it
> for some years. :-/

Well I spotted your message in the queue and let it through, so welcome!

> I think the policy was that only members can post (good thing in my opinion)
> and new members are moderated.
> I am moderating an email list here as well and unfortunately the list's email
> address got to the outside world. I do get some spam but it is something I can
> cope with.
> Once a new member has established themselves as not being a spammer (and here
> I really mean the type of: buy vi online! I mean, I got vi installed on my
> machines so why shall I buy it? :D ) you can remove the moderation flag. If
> that member then becomes a spammer or troll you can them put back into
> moderation only.

That's precisely how the list works at the moment, in that new 
subscribers have posts moderated at first and that flag gets cleared 
after a while.  The only problem is that the list has been running on 
autopilot for quite a while (I don't know how long) and so people 
haven't been getting unmoderated or having posts approved.

> Does that sound like a good idea? We do not have to rule out the usual anti-
> spam mechanisms here.

Agreed, we need defence in depth on this. :-)

> My two cents from somebody who got put on the observer chair :D

You are now unmoderated, so you can get off that chair now. ;-)


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