[Beowulf] EMACS vs VI

Peter St. John peter.st.john at gmail.com
Thu Feb 17 10:48:36 PST 2011

I booted System V (from "Microport", a competitor of SCO Xenix) on an i286
(IBM AT, which I bought retail at an IBM Product Center, had 1.2 MB floppy
drive!) with 512K RAM. pwd, ls, worked fine, but my third command, "vi temp"
hung. There are limits even for vi. I had to expand the real memory.

2011/2/17 Bob Drzyzgula <bob at drzyzgula.org>

> On 17/02/11 22:44 +0700, "C. Bergström" wrote:
> > Bob Drzyzgula wrote:
> >>
> >> While I tried to learn emacs a couple of times, it just
> >> seemed like it took forever for the thing to load.
> > fwiw some people still *really* care about emacs performance even on
> > modern hw.  We (PathScale) have a few vocal users and plan to spin some
> > cycles to speed it up a bit.  (If you're interested to help test/give
> > feedback ping me off list.)
> It is one of my standing, and I'm sure tiresome, jokes
> that when someone asks me how fast a new system seems
> to be, I respond with something along the lines of
> "well, vi just screams". Vi, of course, having "screamed"
> on a MC68010 with 2MB of memory.
> --Bob
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