[Beowulf] IBM's Watson on Jeopardy tonight

Lux, Jim (337C) james.p.lux at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon Feb 14 11:52:19 PST 2011

should be interesting..

having been on the show( cue Al Yankovic "I lost on Jeopardy")...a lot of it is timing in pressing the button when the (hidden to the tv audience) light goes on.  the published descriptions are a bit sketchy on how Watson pushes the button.  it could have microsecond reaction times.

typically, you've read the answer and already know your response and then you wait for the light. (or at least, have a good idea you'll know it within 10 seconds or so)

You buzz in, and have a couple second to gather your thoughts to come up with the response . 

(I was the only contestant to get the Final Jeopardy right.. but not enough to overcome the leader.. he had more than twice as much cash as i did)

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For those who are not aware, tonight is the face-off between
man and machine (it is not live, however). This is no chess game.
Today through Wednesday, on the game show Jeopardy (CBS Network)
the best human players will attempt to beat Watson, the 2880 core
IBM Jeopardy computer.

Small write up on ClusterMonkey with some links:


I predict one more defeat for the carbon based life forms.


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