[Beowulf] Microsoft "cloud" commercials.

Prentice Bisbal prentice at ias.edu
Thu Apr 7 08:05:53 PDT 2011

"Cluster" != "Cloud"

The Cloud, by definition requires the Internet. Clusters do not. In
fact, I bet the NSA can show you many clusters that are not connect to
the Internet at all.

While I'm at it, "Grid" != ("Cluster" || "Cloud") either!

On 04/07/2011 10:49 AM, Crusan, Steve wrote:
> Windows HPC Server 2008 also has a builtin feature for an end user to
> submit excel docs to a windows cluster to do intense timesheet and
> office supplies calculations...
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> Is anyone else as annoyed by the Microsoft "cloud" commercials as I am?
> In all these commercials, the protagonists say "to the cloud" for their
> solution, but then when they show them using Microsoft Windows to access
> "the cloud", they're not using the cloud at all.
> In fact, in one commercial, the one where the wife/mother is fixing the
> family portrait, she's using a photoshop-like program on her own
> desktop, not even the Internet is needed.
> Not only do they use the term "cloud" incorrectly, they don't even show
> how using Microsoft products give you and advantage for using "the cloud"
> Okay. Venting over. Whew! I feel better already.
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> Prentice
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