[Beowulf] Microsoft "cloud" commercials.

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Windows HPC Server 2008 also has a builtin feature for an end user to submit excel docs to a windows cluster to do intense timesheet and office supplies calculations...

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Is anyone else as annoyed by the Microsoft "cloud" commercials as I am?

In all these commercials, the protagonists say "to the cloud" for their
solution, but then when they show them using Microsoft Windows to access
"the cloud", they're not using the cloud at all.

In fact, in one commercial, the one where the wife/mother is fixing the
family portrait, she's using a photoshop-like program on her own
desktop, not even the Internet is needed.

Not only do they use the term "cloud" incorrectly, they don't even show
how using Microsoft products give you and advantage for using "the cloud"


Okay. Venting over. Whew! I feel better already.

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