[Beowulf] Parallel file systems

Jess Cannata jac67 at georgetown.edu
Tue Jan 19 15:26:30 PST 2010

On 01/13/2010 06:40 AM, tegner at renget.se wrote:
> While starting to investigating different storage solutions I came across
> gluster (www.gluster.com). I did a search on beowulf.org and came up with
> nothing. gpfs, pvfs and lustre on the other resulted in lots of hits.
> Anyone with experience of gluster in HPC?
Yes, we've been using Glusterfs on one of our lightly used Infiniband 
clusters (32-nodes, 256 cores). We have found it to be pretty easy to 
configure and we have liked its performance. If you want more 
information, you should e-mail Joe Landman, who is also on the list. 
He's used it in several large setups.
> Regards,
> /jon

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